Roy’s Town Pub is a local business serving up amazing food and beverages to locals and travellers who frequent their seaside restaurant. Conveniently located off the Old Island Highway in Royston, BC their current roadside signage sports a large script ‘r’, three typefaces with black and red colours. I pass by the pub daily on my commute to downtown Courtenay and so it was an obvious choice to choose them as a re-brand project for a Communications Design class at NIC.

Roy's Town Pub Logo

The Brief

The brief involved the entirety of a re-brand strategy with creation of the primary logo and logo variations, brand guidelines book, packaging and collateral. I felt that their current branding did not tell a story, speak to their audience or utilize their location and the history of Royston. During the discovery phase I researched Royston and visited the photo archive at Cumberland Museum and Archives. I learned that Royston was originally a forestry and mining town established in the 1800’s. I found images of oxen skidding logs through the woods to the old railway taking them to load onto ships in the Royston Harbour. Inspired by the logging industry, ox and what Royston stands for: a hard working community I began working on their new logo. Workers, fishermen, travellers, young families and the elderly who frequent the pub are their target audience. By choosing neutral colours, rounded sans-serif typefaces, and wood textures, their new branding is gender neutral, modern and personable.

Where it Began

Next is an image is of Roy’s Town Pub’s current logo with the script ‘r’.

Beside the logo is a photo from the Cumberland Museum and Archives of oxen skidding logs along the forest floor. No date. 

old logo
logging history in Royston

The Project Scope

Timeline: September 13th-December 17th 2019

Client: Roy’s Town Pub

Project: Branding, brand strategy, and packaging

Why: To give Roy’s Town Pub a contemporary brand that is modern, friendly, and gender neutral, appealing to their wide range of customers while paying tribute to Royston’s history 

Software Required: Adobe CC (Illustrator, Indesign, Photoshop, Lightroom)


I chose grey to be Roy’s Town Pub’s main colour as it lends a contemporary, clean, neutral feeling. Three cool grey hues offset with a dark warm grey bring a sense of warmth and friendliness. I chose a bright orange as a pop of colour to sprinkle throughout Roy’s Town Pub branding bringing a sense of playfulness and pairing well with the greys.

I chose Brandon Grotesque and Coves as Roy’s Town Pub’s typefaces. As they are both sans-serif with rounded lettering evoking a feeling of comfort. Contrast in weight between the typefaces helps determine hierarchy in the text while lending visual interest.

The new logo is a badge logo with a textured wood edge circle containing an ox and the chosen typefaces. The ox ties in Royston’s forestry history and is the key feature to making this brand recognizable. 

colour palette
stacked logo
horizontal logo
brand guidelines book

Brand Guidelines Book

I created a brand guidelines book containing all the information and uses pertaining to Roy’s Town Pub branding from primary and secondary logo uses, to colour palette and photo backgrounds. This book contains information on how to effectively brand Roy’s Town Pub so that they remain consistent across all applications of use. 

This book is available on Issuu for viewing.
Roy’s Town Pub Brand Guidelines Book


Besides the usual packaging to be found in a pub like take out boxes, pizza boxes, t-shirts and coasters, I wanted to create something unique and more elevated for their new brand. I decided to create a tube containing an etched beer glass. Keeping with the forestry theme I designed a wood grain pattern along the tube with rings on the bottom lid making it look like a log. This would be something they could sell behind the bar, and online as another form of marketing.

As they are popular for their deep dish pizzas I had to take the opportunity to design a pizza box for them. In a way this is their business card as they are popular for their take-out pizza, distributing their boxes around the Comox Valley. Keeping the packaging design minimal allowed for the bright orange to be used along the sides and made it clear what information was most important.

packaging mockups


For the collateral I collected mockups and photos that I felt best represented their new branding. Images of logs and textured wood grains made excellent backgrounds for their new logo to be showcased. I pulled in images of food and drinks and people enjoying themselves elevating their tagline “Where good friends meet”. I made menus, coasters, business cards, and curated social media as ways they could visualize their brand out in the world.

brick wall with logo
business cards
logs with logo